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Complex Advertising Campaigns

Wide range of services ensures professional assistance for clients of agency in the creation of complex advertising campaigns in Ukraine and other countries. In order to develop an optimal communication strategy, we just need to hear your goals, product parameters and existing sales model.

The term ‘complex’ in our case we relate both to the creative and to the communication components of the future advertising campaign. This benefit removes any restrictions of strategy development.

The project management is always client-oriented and is built accordin client’s active marketing management model. All our internal processes and procedures are perfected so feedback speed, orders processing and appearance of results can pleasantly surprise even experienced marketers.

There is nothing revolutionary in the process of complex advertising campaigns creating but an achievement of the goals depends on the quality of the implementation of these typical stages:

1. analysis of the product, audience, environment and client`s materials
2. selection of advertising channels, development of communication concept
3. cost estimate, execution timing creation
4. active part of the advertising campaign management, analytics, adjustments

There are no any universal recipes, marketing and advertising is a place where creativity and calculations meets each other. Even the most sophisticated set of advertising channels will not give desired result if communicational concept fails. On the other hand, any good messages and successful key visuals will not work if the advertising channels are wrong.

Below is selection from the agency’s portfolio by category Advertising campaigns.

Ad campaigns

Gift promotion. Website

Digital Ad Campaign

Communication campaign for Sadolin™, Pinotex™, Hammerite™ brands on the Internet.

Digital ad campaign

Digital advertising campaign for Panasonic Eneloop™ rechargeable batteries.

Transit ad

Promo-prank at one of Ukrainian malls

BTL-project in supermarket of electronics

Promo-demonstration of kitchen appliances.

BTL-project for Panasonic

It-consultants for household appliances.

BTL-project for Panasonic.

It-consultants at stores by images, video, tv.

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Internet advertising

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Design, visual solutions

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